Grabbing trash out of the ocean with a giant claw isn’t exactly how we will solve the issue of marine debris, but a new interactive exhibit at the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut that models this idea is certainly grabbing the attention of visitors.

In 2016, Covanta partnered with the Aquarium to launch the “Covanta Cove” exhibit that demonstrates how marine waste can be turned into clean energy. The Aquarium’s 700,000 visitors of all ages get a chance to collect debris from an “ocean” by picking it up with a mobile crane and depositing it into a scale model hopper leading to an EfW facility. Once delivered to the facility, the homes in the backdrop of the exhibit light up, signifying the energy that has been created from the combustion of waste and distributed.

This interactive exhibit not only brings needed attention to the issue of marine debris, but also demonstrates how sustainable waste management solutions can power neighborhoods.