The 2020 Sustainability Report is available now

This downloadable report covers our highlights from 2020 and beyond. You can return to this site to learn more about our sustainability efforts and view detailed data updates.

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Protecting Tomorrow


Recycled nearly 1 million tons of metal

and other resources, enough to produce over three billion beverage cans

Continue to execute strategic growth plans in the UK

with four new WTE projects under construction, Covanta is helping the UK achieve its goals for landfill diversion and self-sufficiency in waste.

21.3 million tons of diverted waste from landfills

Enough to fill a six-lane highway with garbage trucks, bumper to bumper, from Los Angeles to New York City.

Reduced GHG emissions by 18.8 million metric tons

relative to landfilling, equivalent to removing nearly 4 million cars.

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Diversity and Inclusion Commitment
Safety Focus in the Workplace

Environmental Justice

Waste to Energy vs. Landfill

Waste to Energy is internationally recognized as a way to reduce GHG emissions by managing the wastes left over after recycling (saving about a ton of GHGs compared to landfill), but how?

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